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Our Little Captains room is for children from 3 years - 6 years old.

3 year old program:

We are busy Little Captains in this age group, where children are becoming masters of excellent self-help skills. 3 year old brains are incredible, which shows in imaginative and pretend play. These increasingly independent children are exposed to lots of different experiences that allows them to enthusiastically and curiously explore the world around them.


In this room, children are challenged to build strong relationships with educators and peers. 

4 year old program (transition to school):

At this age, concepts become more sophisticated, with children learning about space, caring for the environment and getting to know the community and cultures that reside in it. Incursions are planned throughout the year to enrich learning.

School readiness is a focus in this room, ensuring that children are independent and have the social and emotional tools to see them into their next challenge ahead.

5-6 years:

As the leaders in our centre, these Little Captains have so much knowledge to share. Educators use this information to inform their learning and draw out the potential in each child.

Even as your child gets older and starts school, play is still very important. It's how your child learns and builds social, emotional and thinking skills. At this age, play is more complex now, and educators ensure children are exposed to a range of stimulating and fantasy/drama filled activities.

To help the development of children in this age group, educators encourage moving (e.g. sports) and encourage social skills like taking turns, cooperating, negotiating, playing fairly and being a good sport. Children are included in everyday activities like setting tables, watering plants, etc.

Educators ensure that children feel valued, and encourage them to talk about what they're thinking and how they're feeling.

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